Feike de Jong is a philosopher, artist, researcher, cultural activist and journalist with an urban focus. He lives in Mexico City. In 2010 he won the Walter Reuter prize for journalism for coverage of climate change in Mexico. In 2009 he walked around the complete edge of the Greater Mexico City Area in an artistic, journalistic project covering more than 700kms. Since then he has dedicated himself to research, writing and photography regarding the edge of the megalopolis in collaborations with organizations such as he Rufino Tamayo Museum, the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de México, the Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, York University in Toronto and Ogino Knauss in Italy. He has written for Mexican and international media such as CNN Expansión, Forbes México, the Guardian and the Atlantic Citylab. His photos have been published in the Guardian and Arquine. He has exhibited as artist in the Paraninfo of the University of the Basque Country in Bilbao and is coordinating a collective art project regarding the edge of the island of Tenochtitlán. He has played saxophone and flute with the band La Redada is festivals such as Tropico in Acapulco, the Worldwide festival in Séte, France and Braille Satellite in Vilnius, Lithuania. He holds a masters degree in philosophy from the University of Nijmegen. 

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